Exporting to Xero

You can export your invoices in Tribes into account software Xero using the Export function.

In Admin > Payments > Invoices you'll notice the Export to CSV button. This allows your to export invoices according the the current filters you have applied.

Once exported, you can use the .csv file to import into your Xero account.
At this point, you may wish to open this file in Excel or Google Sheets, and filter the content to remove any invoices you don't wish to import.

Under Accounts > Sales hit the Import button.

From here, leave the first option set to Xero and continue on to Step 3.

Now Browse and attach the exported CSV file from Tribes, and set the remaining settings as follows.

Once you hit Import, you'll be prompted to confirm the import and when confirmed you'll find the invoices under Drafts, ready for your processing.

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