Updating plans

You can make changes to the details on a plan from Settings > Plans within Tribes Admin.

Here you can see a list of your active plans on Tribes, and edit any details including the plan name, set plan capacity, where members can sign up and the plan features, which show on Tribes Kiosk.

Grandfathering plans

If you're introducing new prices you may want to grandfather existing plans to make way for new ones. This is the process of keeping your residents on their current plans, and creating new plans for future residents to subscribe to.

To grandfather a plan, take the following steps:

1. Rename the old plan

By renaming the plan to something logical, like Full Time - 2015, you can ensure it's easily referenced on report and for your existing residents, whilst not clashing with the new plan

2. Deactivate the old plan

Make the old plan inactive, so that no future residents can sign up to the plan.

Note, by deactivating this plan it has no effect on members who are currently subscribed to the plan. It simply prevents the plan from being accessible for new sign ups.

3. Create your new plan

If you're using Stripe, you'll want to create the new plan with your Stripe Dashboard.

Once your plan is set up in Stripe, you can use the  Sync with Stripe button on the Settings > Plans page to bring them across to Tribes.

4. Update the new plan with details

The new plan will show up on Settings > Plans for you to edit.  Dive in and update the plan with all the plan details, including where it is available for sign up.

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