Integration with MYOB

MYOB and Tribes Integration
There are two key steps (as outlined below):
  • Connecting your MYOB account into Tribes
  • Configuring MYOB settings in Tribes
Once both of those steps are done, invoices will automatically flow into MYOB from Tribes.
Connecting your MYOB account to Tribes
In the admin section of your tribe, under Settings > Integrations you'll see MYOB as an integration you can add to your tribe. Click Connect to MYOB to connect your MYOB account. You’ll then be directed through to MYOB’s website, where you can log in to your MYOB account (if you’re not logged in already), and confirm that you wish to give Tribes access to your account.
Once that’s done, it’ll take you back to Tribes, and on the integrations page under  Settings > Integrations you’ll see that the MYOB integration is connected, and you have the option of configuring MYOB.
Configuring MYOB in Tribes
Click the Configure MYOB button to be taken to the configuration page. Initially, you’ll see three fields on this page: Company File, Username, and Password. Once you select the appropriate file and enter your credentials and click ‘Save’, the page will reload and display many more settings. This may be a bit daunting - well, it was for me, but I’m not quite so familiar with MYOB.
The first section after the company file details is ‘Configure Defaults’, with two settings: Tax code, and Payment account. The tax code you select is what will be used when Tribes creates new customers in MYOB. The payment account is what account all customer payments get assigned to. In both cases, the lists of tax codes and accounts are taken from yourMYOB file - if you need to add to either list, do so from within MYOB, and then refresh the Tribes settings page, and those changes will be reflected here.
Then, you can assign each Tribes plan to a MYOB account - it could be all the same account, it could be different accounts for each plan, that’s completely up to you. The last configuration step is to assign Tribes’ tax rates to your MYOB file’s tax codes.
You will need to have  all of these settings completed, to ensure all data sent from Tribes to MYOB is linked up correctly.
Tribes Invoices in MYOB
Once you have everything configured, new invoices from your tribe will be added to your MYOB file within a few minutes, and changes made to those invoices will be reflected in MYOBas well. There’s nothing you’ll need to do to transfer invoices into MYOB - the importing is automatic.
Again, if you have any feedback or questions through any part of this process, do let us know!

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