Adding events

Events can be added Tribes by your Tribe Leadership team within Tribes Admin in the Events section. You can also allow your members to register events via your public event booking form.

All events created can be managed from with the Events section in Tribes Admin.

Internally managed events

Events that you create can be added directly within Tribes Admin. Hit the Add Event button from the Events section of Tribes Admin.

The event form has fields for all the details on your event. It's worth noting that information such as the event description, avatar and times will be made public when the event is published, whereas attendees count, hire charges and additional information are for Tribes Leaders and Tribes Chiefs only.

Member and outside events

Your members and people outside your community can register events via your public event booking form.

Your event booking form can be found at

You can  customise the booking resources on this form to suit your Tribe.

All events submitted via the public event booking form come into Tribes Admin as an Enquiry.  This allows you to clearly see which events have been externally submitted, and review the event details.  All event details including contact information for the event organiser are made available so you can fully manage the event. Once the event is ready, you can accept it to draft status, and when it's ready can be published to be viewed by members.

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