Getting started with events

To start using events with your Tribe, you'll want to configure a few settings on your Tribe to make the most of the features.

Setting up Booking Resources

If you're listing events within your space, you may want to allocate them to different rooms or resources. You'll need to set up your event spaces in Tribes Admin under  Bookings > Resources. Once your resources are created, you can allocate any event to that resource.  Learn more about creating Booking Resources

Nominate Tribe Leaders

You can allocate members of your team to host events. To allocate a host to an event you'll need to make sure your event hosts are members of your Tribe, and have the role of Tribe Leader or Tribe Chief.  Learn more about delegating roles

Once you've created Booking Resources and nominated your Tribe Leaders you're ready to start creating events.

Learn about creating events

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