About Events on Tribes

Tribes has a powerful event module which allows community teams to manage events end to end through the Tribes platform.

Events are displayed to members via the Members section in Tribes Social, and can also be accessed via the Tribes API.  Each event listing allows your members to see important information about each event, and can link through to any popular event service such as Eventbrite or Meetup to track RSVPs.  Events also link in with Booking Resources to ensure availability and prevent collisions.

Each Tribe has a public event booking page which can be used to allow your Tribe members to register events.  Registered events come into Tribes Admin, and can be reviewed and published before making their way to Tribes Social where your members can see.

Some important points on events:

  • Events start as a draft, and need to be published. Each event created in Tribes starts of as a draft, where is can't be seen by members.
  • There are three different types of event: Meeting Room Bookings, Meetups & Events. There is no difference in behaviour between these three types, however it can be helpful in managing each type with your team.
  • Events can be private or public. Public events are display to members, whereas private event can be seen by Tribe Leaders and Tribe Chiefs only.
  • You can allocate a booking to an event.  When you're viewing an event in Tribes Admin, you can create a booking to block out a room or resource for that event.
  • Events have an organiser and a host. An organiser is the person who owns the event, often a member of your community. A host is the person in your internal team who will host that event.
  • Events can be set to be recurring. You can have your event repeat daily, weekly or monthly to suit.
  • Events can be part of a series. If you're running events that are part of a series, you can create events and allocate them to that series.

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