Customising invoice themes

After you've set up your Tribe payment methods, your members will have access to invoices for their subscriptions. More than likely, you'll want to customise the information that appears on the invoice.

Configuring your Tribe invoice themes

In Tribes Admin, under Settings > Payments > Invoice Themes you'll see the default invoice template for your Tribe.  By default, all subscription invoices will be created with this invoice theme.

You can edit the Default Invoice Theme by selecting the invoice theme, or you can create a new theme using the Add Theme button.

Customise the information that appears on the invoice with your details. Once saved, all invoices referring to this invoice theme will be updated with the new information immediately.

Configuring a payment method to use a particular invoice theme

You can configure Tribes so that all membership subscriptions created using a particular payment method are automatically set to a particular invoice theme.

To set the default invoice theme for a payment method, from within Tribes Admin head to Settings > Payments and hit the Settings button on the payment method you wish to configure.

Select the invoice theme you want to use for that payment method and save the changes.

Moving forward, all subscription invoices that are created using that payment method will default to using the invoice theme specified.

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