Permissions, roles and granting access to your team

Tribes Admin is the place to manage your members and configure your Tribe.  Only members with a role have access to Tribe Admin, all other members will be restricted to using Tribes Social.

Roles and Permissions

There are two different admin roles:  Tribe Leader & Tribe Chief.  You can assign any member a role in your Tribe by visit their profile and adding the role under Settings > Roles.

Once a role has been added, the team member will have access to Tribes Admin.

Tribe Leader

A Tribe Leader is an admin in your community team who has access to membership management within your Tribe.  They can manage everything from member subscriptions through to meeting room bookings.

Tribe Chief

A Tribe Chief has access to Plans and Payment information for your Tribe.  Chiefs can make plan changes, add payment methods and edit invoice templates.

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