Taking credit card payments

Tribes allows you to take automatically recurring credit card payments from your members.

Connecting Stripe

Tribes is powered by Stripe, so to take credit card payments you'll need a Stripe account.

To connect your Stripe account head to  Settings > Payments and hit Add Payment Method.  You'll then be able to attach your Stripe account, and activate it as a payment method on your Tribe.

Syncing Plans

In order for your members to make payments in Tribes you'll need to have set up the plans in Stripe and then perform a sync. This ensure Tribes and Stripe are up to date.

The first step is setting up your plans in Stripe.  Ensure you're got all the membership plans you wish to offer to your members created in Stripe.

Once all of your plans are set up in Stripe, you can use the Sync with Stripe button on the Settings > Plans page to bring them across to Tribes.

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