Setting up membership plans

Tribes allows you to customise your membership plans to suit your needs.  You can set up any number of plans, configure them individually and outline where your members can access them.  You can even have plans that are admin-only, so you have full control over who signs up.

Plans can be created in all shapes and sizes - you can make recurring plans that automatically renew each cycle or one-off plans that cancel once they're done, plans that make their subscribers residents and those that just allow you to make charges.  They're flexible to the needs of your community.

Creating plans

Using Stripe

If you're using Stripe to take credit card payments, you will need to set up your plans in Stripe rather than Tribes.  In this case, you'll need to  connect your Stripe account and use the Sync with Stripe button to update the plans in Tribes.

Without Stripe

If you're not using Stripe, you can create plans directly in Tribes.  Head to Settings > Plans and use the New Plan button to get started with your new plan.

Plan length outlines how long your plan cycle is. So, if you're membership renews each month your plan length would be 1 month.  Looking to create a quarterly plan?  Set the Plan length to 3 months and you're set.

Customising plans

Once you're plans are set up you can customise them to suit your members.

This plan is recurring - will have the plan automatically renew at the end of the cycle.  In order to stop a plan from continuing, it would need to be cancelled.  When this is turned off, the plan will automatically cancel at the end of the cycle.

Members on this plan are residents - allows you to determine whether the plan is residential or not.  Learn more about residents

Make available in Tribes Social - makes this plan available for members to join in Tribes Social

Make available in Kiosk - makes this plan available for members to join via Tribers Kiosk

Make plan active? - no longer using this plan? No problem, just make it inactive and it will no longer show up anywhere.

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